Just step aside and let the students take-it-away


Photo: Vincent Smit

Photo: Vincent Smit

In June 2016 14 students and four lecturers got together at DMJX in Aarhus for an EMCC-workshop on online lectures, which will be a key element of the European Media Cloud Campus.

The goal of the workshop was to let the participants develop prototype-courses/modules for E-learning. We wanted to use the creativity, experience and ideas of the students involved in the workshop to develop prototypes that can inspire and guide lecturers, when they develop online-learning courses and modules for the European Media Cloud Campus and for their home institutions.

After a couple of introductory days, and after settling on this definition of E-learning: “Learning that is partly or fully mediated by digital media. E-learning can be included in face-to-face teaching, be online-learning or be part of blended learning” the students started developing prototypes.

And once again magic happened, when the lecturers stepped a bit aside and let the students take it away. They worked very well – and hard. The lecturers had to remind them to take breaks and stay up to date with the goings-on at the EURO 2016 in France.

In the end the students came up with three course proposals that contain a lot of inspiration and ideas for lecturers, who are developing E-learning modules. We told the students to focus on how to engage and activate students taking the courses, how to facilitate active learning, and they came up with plenty of good ideas, that you can find in the summary report and the material produced by the groups:


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