Below you can find an overview of past workshops and their respective results.

About EMCC Events and results of our project are covert by several media outlets. Follow the links below to read or watch more. STUFE, Student televesion, Stuttgart:, The Netherlands:  
Intercultural issues C10 Intercultural issues was hosted at HiOA 22-26 May 2017. The 15 participants included 6 incoming students and 3 teachers plus on the Norwegian host side 5 students (including 1 German and 1 Spanish exchange student) and 1 teacher. The … Continue reading
Correlation or causality? That’s the question You need to think very carefully about what numbers and statistics tell you about the world. That was one of the take-aways from the December 2016 EMCC workshop at DMJX in Aarhus on data journalism and social media. 15 students … Continue reading
Just step aside and let the students take-it-away   In June 2016 14 students and four lecturers got together at DMJX in Aarhus for an EMCC-workshop on online lectures, which will be a key element of the European Media Cloud Campus. The goal of the workshop was to let … Continue reading
Privacy Workshop From 7 to 11 November 2016, the Privacy Workshop took place in Amsterdam. During this week we explored the topic of privacy from a number of different vantage points: legal, ethics and how to communicate these issues to EMCC-visitors and … Continue reading
Links to Curricula From 28 tot 30 September 2016, the HvA hosted an EMCC‐meeting named Links toCurricula. The goal for this meeting was to identify practical ways to link our curricula to theCloud Campus. The Campus contains, among other sections, a lecture hall … Continue reading
Working on Workflows You would like  to know what we’re doing in a typical European Media Cloud Campus workshop? Take a look at Frederik Bramming’s video shot at the Workflows workshop in Stuttgart in spring 2016.
Workshop on Workflows: It only works, if it flows How do international teams meet up for projects on the European Media Cloud Campus (EMCC)? What is the relationship among different types of participants? How and when do they communicate? These are some core questions the students worked on within … Continue reading
Security The workshop on security was arranged in Oslo in the week 30 May-3 June 2016. The participants were: Students Sven Braun and Lena Mara Pfaffl (Stuttgart Media University), students Mert Buyuksagnak, Nesil Ariyurek and lecturer Sarper Durmus (Istanbul Bilgi University), … Continue reading
Creating Front End Design in Copenhagen post by Nikolaj Christensen In the middle of December just before Christmas rush a group of around 20 students and tutors, were gathered in Copenhagen at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, to develop ideas for the EMCC Front … Continue reading
Core Process Defined What kind of content is worth to be published? This is one main question in editorial management. The students in the planning and monitoring workshop in Stuttgart found a way to answer this question systematically and in line with the … Continue reading
Peer rating workshop   From Spagetti Towers to Peer Rating Criteria How do we define quality at the EMC2? How do we evaluate quality? And who should be involved in the evaluation process? These are some of the core questions we worked with … Continue reading
Self Assessment Guideline developed In our third workshop in Istanbul in May 2015 we developed self-assessment framework for the European Media Cloud Campus. Based on this guideline we will build up an online self-assessment tool for the learners on our virtual campus within 2015. … Continue reading
Defining Skill Levels workshop ‎The EMC2 workshop at HiOA 1-5 June 2015 gathered 6 students and 4 lecturers from HdM, HvA, Bilgi and DMJX in addition to 4 students and several lecturers from the hosting institution HiOA. The workshop assignment was to develop an ECM2 matrix … Continue reading
Content Strategy workshop We developed a content strategy for the European Media Cloud Campus in a workshop at Stuttgart Media University in February 2015: We make basic decision about the topics, we want to cover, the way we report on them, and about … Continue reading
Pedagogical workshop In December 2014 the project partners met in Amsterdam during the Pedagogic Strategy Workshop hosted by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In three days a start was made to formulate the pedagogic strategy of the European Media Cloud Campus (EMC2). In the workshop we … Continue reading