The European Media Cloud Campus (EMC2) is a cloud-based innovative learning environment that enables students to continually develop their competences to pro-actively participate in a disruptive media landscape. Metaphorically spoken, our virtual campus contains five different areas and buildings for particular purposes. Watch the video below for a step by step walkthrough.

The pitch is the area where the participants are creating innovative digital media products, experimenting with new ways of digital storytelling and enhancing their skills in digital content production.

In the library excellent approaches of digital content production developed on and off campus are stored as templates for further use. The library is curated by the EMC2 network members.

Lecturers and industry experts share their knowledge about digital media production in the hall. They are providing online lectures, MOOGs and selecting excellent online tutorials dealing with innovative content production.

The exhibition hall is the main media outlet of the EMC2. On this part of our website we publish selected, excellent pieces produced by the participants in the pitch. The outlet focusses on the media and creative industry.

The alumni hall is the place to meet former EMC2 members who made their way in the media industry, to foster professional networks and to benefit from their professional experience.