Welcome to the project website of the European Media Cloud Campus (EMC2). EMC2 is a joint effort of five partnering universities in establishing a cloudbased campus environment for media, journalism and communication studies.

News updates

Intercultural issues June 1, 2017 - C10 Intercultural issues was hosted at HiOA 22-26 May 2017. The 15 participants included 6 incoming students and 3 teachers plus on the Norwegian host side 5 students (including 1 German and 1 Spanish exchange student) and 1 teacher. The … Continue reading
Correlation or causality? That’s the question February 3, 2017 - You need to think very carefully about what numbers and statistics tell you about the world. That was one of the take-aways from the December 2016 EMCC workshop at DMJX in Aarhus on data journalism and social media. 15 students … Continue reading
Just step aside and let the students take-it-away February 3, 2017 -   In June 2016 14 students and four lecturers got together at DMJX in Aarhus for an EMCC-workshop on online lectures, which will be a key element of the European Media Cloud Campus. The goal of the workshop was to let … Continue reading
Security June 4, 2016 - The workshop on security was arranged in Oslo in the week 30 May-3 June 2016. The participants were: Students Sven Braun and Lena Mara Pfaffl (Stuttgart Media University), students Mert Buyuksagnak, Nesil Ariyurek and lecturer Sarper Durmus (Istanbul Bilgi University), … Continue reading
Peer rating workshop November 20, 2015 -   From Spagetti Towers to Peer Rating Criteria How do we define quality at the EMC2? How do we evaluate quality? And who should be involved in the evaluation process? These are some of the core questions we worked with … Continue reading
2015-09-01 13.04.58 Amsterdam CMS Workshop met with student enthusiasm [video] September 11, 2015 - Last week the fifth workshop in the series (titled “CMS”) was met with great student enthusiasm. With zeal and abandon students through themselves at the task of translating the content strategy of the Cloud Campus to a content management system … Continue reading
Defining Skill Levels workshop May 29, 2015 - ‎The EMC2 workshop at HiOA 1-5 June 2015 gathered 6 students and 4 lecturers from HdM, HvA, Bilgi and DMJX in addition to 4 students and several lecturers from the hosting institution HiOA. The workshop assignment was to develop an ECM2 matrix … Continue reading
IMG_0406.JPG A week in Istanbul for the European Media Cloud Campus May 21, 2015 - Working on the EMCC as a student means being a part of the decision making process of what future learning should look like. On Sunday the 17th of May I flew to Istanbul to work on the self-assessment part of … Continue reading
PE_web-icon Project website launched April 30, 2015 - The website of the EMC2-project has launched.